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Meet Libby

Senior Transition Navigator

Being a Realtor in Florida for the bulk of her career, Libby Wiseman has come across many seniors who were looking for help downsizing and either finding a smaller home or wanting to move into an independent or assisted living community.


Often their families live in another state making the transition more difficult. Libby knew that she had the resources to help and found the work gratifying being a senior herself. Once she became certified as a Senior Transition Specialist, Libby wanted to put together a program encompassing all aspects of transitioning:


  • Downsizing & Decluttering

  • Relocation Selection

  • Estate Sales

  • Home Clean-Out

  • Record Retention

The best part is there is never a charge in helping you plan your transition. The only fee you will encounter is if Libby helps you sell or rent your home, then a Realtor fee would apply upon the closing or rental of your home.

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Happy Family with Pets

5 simple steps to help you through your transition:

  1. Meeting with you and your family to find what you are seeking in your transition.

  2. Schedule solution providers.

  3. Organize personal property.

  4. Arrange disbursement of personal property to your new home, family, estate sale, charity, etc.

  5. Prepare your home for sale or rent.

Enjoy the time with your family.

There are so many moving parts in the transition process that you and your family may not be fully prepared or equipped to handle. Working with Libby will ensure the process goes smoothly and give you more time to enjoy with your loved ones. 

Downsizing & Decluttering: Spending years in one home means you have a lot of possessions, some of which you need, some you cherish, and some you can let go of. We will make sure you keep all the items you want to hold on to and get rid of the rest.

Relocation Services: We help you decide which option is best for you and go over those options with you and your family.

Home Sales: As a Realtor, with deep connections in the community, Libby will facilitate the sale or rental of your home.

Home Clean-Out: We have resources to help with the packing and moving as well cleaning the home and ensuring that minor repairs are made.

Record Retention Assistance: After years of saving paperwork, we will help make sure you have important records at your fingertips including legal, financial, and health documents.

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